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Vert 2000

Vert 2000 is a company in the field of irrigation and landscape lighting.

An irrigation system helps keep grass green and plants healthy during the summer. We install systems that cover all desired surfaces using a zone layout that properly apportions water.

Outdoor lighting systems light up the beauty of your landscape at night and can also improve the visibility of outdoor living spaces.

We serve the area of the Laurentians in Québec since 1982.



Automatic System turned on

An irrigation system contributes towards achieving optimal growing conditions for lawn, flowers, shrubs or trees. Sprinklers are activated by an automatic programme that is scheduled to water in sequence several defined areas.

A smart and precise zoning considers diverse factors such as soil type, plant variety, solar radiation, buildings, aesthetics.

Water conservation is ensured by an automated Wi-Fi controller which collects weather data to make scheduling adjustments. This function adapts the standard programme to respond to periods of heat and drought, or postpones starts when it is rainy or windy.

The irrigation system`s network of pipes and sprinklers is installed permanently underground and is purged of its water prior to the first autumn frost.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere

Trees, Flowers, Paths...

Landscape lighting provides a distinctive appearance, revealing the unique aspects of your property.

Our philosophy stems from the notion that gentle, discreet lighting conserves the natural harmony, providing a peaceful sight at night.

We expose valuable particularities, creating illuminated portraits of that which you cherish.


We are surrounded with wonderful nature here in the Laurentians.

Let`s focus on the most beautiful parts of your landscaping with LED lights.

Lighting does not mean to flood with light, but to shine on the features of your property.

These rugged brass fixtures will resist to the weather of each season.

Lighting provides an ambience revealing the beauty of night

About Us

The Vert 2000 team serves the region of Saint-Sauveur and the Laurentians in Quebec.

Complete installation by design of irrigation and lighting systems and maintenance service.

For a free quote or for any sort of fix:

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Pierre and Simon Vadeboncoeur

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