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Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system consists of professional-type sprinklers functioning on automated zones, which water lawns and gardens at programmed times.

Finely tuned and assisted by a rain-sensor to provide the optimal dose of water to your lawn and flower gardens.

Durable underground installation consisting of polyethylene pipe and electric valves.

Intelligent zoning in regard to water pressure levels, sprinkler specifications, and location-based requirements.


We will be delighted to design a system on your property and provide efficient maintenance service.

In addition, it is important to note that we effectuate the winterisation of your system each Fall.

Please call, we will be at your place within 24 hours.


Our Products:

RainBird 5000
Long-Range Sprinklers

Toro Mini-8
Medium-Range Sprinklers

Toro 570
Short-Range Sprinkers

MaxiJet Micro Spray for flowers

Automatic Controller
Controls Electric Valves


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